Our Work

CEPP is a continuation of the educational component of the Centre for Agroecology and Development (CAED),  an NGO that was established in 1991 and working around education.

Building on its legacy on advocacy and education, Centre for Educational Policies and Practices was recently emerged as a separate institution to give justice to its growing engagement in education. It brings along a wealth of experience from its involvement in ‘wide literacy’ work and the rights perspective to development over a decade and a half. It is founded by few individuals in the turning point of their professional career with a singular mission of promoting education as the foundation for sustained prosperity in the Nepalese society and the world at large – guided by social justice. It has been supporting educational activities of its vision to different locations of the country.

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For a number of reasons, Nepal’s education system is in shambles. There have been good efforts to improve it from different sides. However, the emphasis is often put on material aspects – such as benches or buildings – over teachers, pupils and parents. CEPP wishes to induce changes by putting parents and teachers at the centre of our reform efforts so that children are motivated to learn.

CEPP wishes to ensure the right to basic education through the improvement of educational governance at all levels – especially at school levels making use of existing positive provisions. We stand for an all-inclusive education policy in Nepal, an education policy that is sensitive to social, cultural and environmental issues and that is relevant to the community.

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